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Mec-Val S.r.l., a company based in Vigevano, has been present on the shoe machinery market for over fifty years and it is known worldwide for its manufacture of sewing machines to stitch the shoes with box soles (Opanka).

The company was fouded in the 30's and it began its activity by manufacturing "Blake" machines suitable for stitching the bottom of the shoes. Afterwards the firm managed to successfully penetrate the national market with its sole attaching machines, too

Mec-Val underwent its greatest development in the 80's and it is still successfull on the shoe machinery market thanks to the design and the production in those years of a single thread sewing machine with oscillating horn to stitch Opanka soles in an innovative way. This model, which is easy to use and which guarantees high productivity, has enabled the Mec-Val brand to become a qualified reference point all over the world.

In the following years the Vigevano firm has engaged to improve its own production line and to design new models, which consist of double thread sewing machines, with lockstitch, with a great improvement in the quality of the manufacturing process.

Mec-Val is constantly engaged in the design of new machines and addresses its research to the sectors of sole fixing to uppers, of the roughing of uppers, of sole and upper pressing and of sole stitching to uppers: the company has designed various models in order to better satisfy, and sometimes to anticipate, the needs of many shoe manufacturers in every phase of production.

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